Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am a very visual kind of person. Ever since I was a young child I have always had a strong interest in puzzles that I can link to my ability to interpret visual elements. For this reason Geometry has always been one of my favorite subjects.
 I've always been interested in arts, but especially in contemporary art, design and photography and I like to combine these areas.
I have been attending art exhibitions and art openings frequently. I think it is vital to be integrated in the art community.

Most of the photography's on this blog are from work experiences that allowed me to relate professionally to the work of artists that I admire.
I learned a lot working for them: how the industry works on a practical level as well as an artistic level - what qualities are needed to succeed, and how to combine inspiration with professionalism.
I really like to study the artist's’ work and turn that into design products appropriate to the clients.
 I love creating ideas from scratch, arranging and rearranging visual elements, solving problems and finding solutions. And to me, that’s what design is.

I am very interested in the program because I believe it encourages the personal development of ideas and I want to find my own way, my personal designer identity doing a search about myself. I feel that artists are all different and I want to experiment and develop my personal practice.
 I also want to experiment, develop and learn more about editorial design and illustrations for magazines.
I think is important not to have preconceived ideas. I am very enthusiastic to experiment, and I am open to everything that a university has to offer me.