Thursday, January 13, 2011

Digital Portfolio

The project goal was to develop a model of a functional Digital Portfolio for my school “Escola Secundária Artistica Antonio Arroio” with the students works from different courses.
The idea for my project arose primarily from the stark, functional design of the Lisbon Subway map: lines, branches, nodes. 
If you want to see it working:

Another animation starts when we click on the course

The courses galleries are related to the subject, for example: Photography - Camera; Art - Pencil (...)  

"Texteis", Textiles 
"Fotografia", Photography  
"Desenho", Art
These are some of galleries with the works
When we click on the numbers, different works are showed 

"Desenho", Art Gallery
"Fotografia", Photography Gallery
"Texteis", Textiles Gallery
CD with my school logotype
CD cover

                                   Folder to put the all the work