Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(3) Recommendation letter

To whom it may concern, 

I presented my installation "Cone de Sombra Linha de Luz" at the EDP Foundation, in June/August 2010.
----------- had been recommended to me to carry out the photographic coverage of the dismounting of my work.  

During a preparatory conversation, I told --------- which criteria should be applied to the task: simplicity and discipline.
She showed an acute understanding of what was expected of her, along with great respect for my work.
These were hours of great enthusiasm and sensitivity. ----------’s dexterity and commitment were touching and efficient, and her photographs skilfully taken.    
Her professionalism and character impressed me. She kept a perfectly irreproachable personal and professional stance during the whole process, and it is for that reason that I recommend her.

I was very pleased with her work, and will use the photos in a future catalogue.

I also got to know -------- as a person, and I can guarantee she lacks no enthusiasm or willingness to learn more. She is a young woman who is highly interested in what she does and gifted with remarkable artistic sensitivity.
It is with great pleasure and thankfulness that I state here my totally positive opinion of both her work and her person.

Kindest regards, Maria José Oliveira

-------- (name)